ECOLAB Incidin Alcohol surface disinfectant wipes 90pcs

ECOLAB Incidin Alcohol surface disinfectant wipes 90pcs
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Alcohol-based disinfectant wipes ECOLAB Incidin, ideal for disinfecting surfaces and medical equipment.

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ECOLAB Incidin disinfectant wipes are alcohol-based wipes and are suitable for disinfecting medical instruments and general surfaces. The absence of active residues in combination with the wide range of disinfection makes them ideal for use in healthcare facilities, enhancing the healthy way of disinfection, cleaning, and restricting pathogens in short contact times.

ECOLAB Incidin surface disinfectant wipes are highly compatible with alcohol-resistant surfaces, using high-quality paint-free ingredients, and are effective against viruses and bacteria in a matter of seconds.

Wet the surface thoroughly using the ECOLAB Incidin disinfectant wipe, ensuring contact with the entire surface. Allow the surface to dry and rinse well. Their use does not replace regular cleaning. Close the lid of the package after use.

Microbiological efficacy:

  • EN 16615 (bactericidal, yeasticidal): 1 minute
  • EN 13727 (bactericidal): 1 minute
  • EN 13624 (yeast): 1 minute
  • EN 14348 + EN 16615 (tuberculosis): 1 minute
  • EN 14476 (wrapped viruses): 30 seconds
  • EN 14476 (PLUS restricted): 5 minutes
  • EN 14476 / EN 16615 Adenos / Norioos: 5 minutes
  • EN 14476 Polyoma / SV 40: 10 minutes
  • EN 14476 Rotary: 30 seconds
  • HIV, HBV, HCV according to RKI: 30 seconds
  • Adenian according to DVV: 10 minutes
  • Norios according to DVV: 10 minutes
  • Rotary according to DVV: 30 seconds


  • Alcohol-based
  • Quick and easy disinfection
  • Short contact times
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Without fragrance and dye
  • Effective against viruses and bacteria
  • They dry quickly without leaving any residue
  • Ideal for healthcare facilities
  • Package with 90 wet wipes
  • ECOLAB Incidin Alcohol wet wipes consist of 35g 2-propanol, 25g 1-propanol in 100gr solution
2 kg
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Surface / Medical devices Disinfection

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