Cleanisept Wipes Forte Maxi disinfecting wipes (100 pcs)

Cleanisept Wipes Forte Maxi disinfecting wipes (100 pcs)
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Cleanisept Wipes Forte disinfecting wipes in a package of 100pcs, without alcohol, aldehydes, and phenols. Suitable for disinfection of surfaces and medical devices

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Cleanisept Wipes Forte Maxi disinfecting wipes in a package of 100 pieces. The practical dispenser box offers a universal, comfortable, and time-saving application as the wipes can be removed individually from the resealable dispenser.
The disinfecting wipes Cleanisept Wipes Forte Maxi are alcohol-free and contain neither aldehydes nor phenols. They are ready-to-use, for virucidal disinfection of ultrasound probes for transvaginal and abdominal examinations and cleaning of medical devices and medical inventory. 

Dimensions: 14cm x 20cm

Package: 100 pcs

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Medical instruments
100 pieces
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