Spencer 170 NXT Electronic emergency ventilator

SPENCER 170 Electronic emergency ventilator
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Spencer 170 NXT is electronically controlled and works as a time-cycled pressure limited pneumatic unit with intermittent flow.

Spencer 170 NXT is an electronically controlled emergency ventilator that has wide range of volumes and respiratory frequencies that allows use in adults orin children.

Spencer 170 NXT emergency ventilator features an exclusive system allowing stabile mix of oxygen with air, despite the ventilation/minute, the frequency and the insufflations pressure.

The compact structure, lightness, alarms, the simplicity of regulation of Spencer 170 NXT emergency ventilator allow secure use even by lay people.

The non-rebreathing valve is supplied with a special pressure limiting device that can be used for adults or children.

The Spencer 170 NXT emergency ventilator has control instruments that designed in such a way as to allow clear and immediate reading.

The indications have been reduced to the essentials and the commands are positioned logically to be just it the right place.

Spencer 170 NXT emergency ventilatorr is delivered with PVC patient circuit tube, Spencer Mask size 4, and non-rebreathing valve.

The Kompak and Porta Vent version are available.

7 kg