ResMed Stellar 150 portable ventilator

ResMed Stellar 150 portable ventilator
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For homecare or hospital settings, from invasive to noninvasive and pediatric to adult, ResMed's Stellar 150 ventilator offers high-quality ventilation in one device

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Stellar 150 by ResMed, suitable for invasive and noninvasive use, pediatric patients, adults, hospitals and homes.

ResMed iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support)

ResMed’s unique iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support)  mode ensures the appropriate level of alveolar ventilation is delivered automatically—even when your respiratory rate changes.

Learn circuit

Built-in Learn Circuit  which, at the push of a button, evaluates and compensates for any resistance in the circuit

Other features

  • Easy patient assessment at a glance - use with ResMed’s EasyCare Tx software for real-time on-screen monitoring and remote titration
  • The ResMed Leak Valve includes an anti-asphyxia valve, which is designed for safe use in adult or pediatric patients, with both cuffed or un-cuffed tracheotomies.
  • Disease-specific, preset Pathology Defaults enable quicker and easier therapy initiation - allowing you to fine-tune pressure settings required for each individual patient
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