BMC H-80 High Flow oxygen therapy with rollator stand

BMC H-80 High Flow oxygen therapy with rollator stand
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BMC H-80 for High Flow oxygen supply 2lt/min-80lt/min that can be connected to a high-pressure wall oxygen supply or a low-pressure oxygen concentrator.

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H-80 High Flow oxygen therapy by BMC, provides high oxygen flow, from 2lt/min to 80lt/min, with AutoFlow function and SmartFlow function, is the most suitable method, compared to conventional methods, for reducing carbon dioxide levels in hypertensive patients. Adjustment of percentage oxygen supply is from 21% -100%.

With this device, the desired oxygen concentration is manually adjusted via an external flowmeter, and the oxygen concentration is displayed on the digital screen, via a special sensor that does not require annual maintenance. It can be connected to a high-pressure oxygen supply on the wall or to a low-pressure oxygen concentration.


  • Control target oxygen concentration automatically, oxygen delivery in the machine, 21% -100%, accurate to 1%; Wall oxygen source, oxygen cylinder, oxygen generator can support it; The built-in ultrasonic oxygen sensor requires no maintenance.
  • 9-stage humidification temperature: 29℃ -37℃, accurate to 1℃
  • Advanced dual fan design, two levels of High Flow and Low Flow, 2L/min ~ 80L/min can meet patients of most ages
  • Innovative 7-level humidity compensation function, providing ± 3 adjustable humidity compensation, easily coping with various harsh temperature and humidity environments

Automatically set the output flow parameters based on the peak expiratory flow(PEF) of the patient, simplifying the setting steps, satisfying the treatment effect, and improving patient comfort

Follow the patient's every breath, switch the flow between breaths, provide a higher flow when inhaling, and a lower flow when exhaling, follow your breaths like a bi-level ventilator.

Hot standby function designed for convenient use and saving oxygen:
H-80 Series has a hot standby function, which allows you to continue warm oxygen therapy at any time without turning off the machine for a short time to leave, saving oxygen without having to wait for a warm-up time.

More comprehensive monitoring indexes:
Real-time monitoring of Oxygen Concentration, Flow, Temperature, Respiratory Rate.

Simple installation and easy setup: 
Integration, disinfection-free design, saving clinical use, and maintenance time.


  • Product Name: High Flow Oxygen Therapy
  • Flow Monitoring: Adjustable
  • Flow Rate: 2L-80L/min
  • Oxygen Concentration Adjustable Range: 21%-100%
  • Temperature Output Range: 29c-37c
  • Temperature Adjustment Gear: 9 steps
  • Screen Size: 3.5 inches
  • Trend Review Function: 1, 3, 7 days
  • Oxygen Concentration Adjustable Range: 21%-100%
  • Oxygen Concentration Monitor: Adjustable
  • Temperature Monitoring: Adjustable
  • sPEEP Monitoring: Monitorable
  • Respiratory Rate Monitoring: Monitorable
  • Automatic Filter Replacement Function: Yes, can be set
  • Automatic Water Refills Tips: Yes
  • Humidity Compensation: 7 step adjustable
  • Hot Standby: Yes
  • Rollator stand

The display shows:

  • Oxygen concentration, FiO2 in%
  • Flow in lt/min
  • Temperature in ℃
  • Respiratory rhythm

Note: Price is for the device and rollator and not for the spare parts