Ultrasound SonoAce X8

Ultrasound SonoAce X8
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The SonoAce X8 blends high-end ultrasound technologies and compact design, providing you with superb value through the best image quality and performance. 

The SonoAce X8’s ergonomic design provides you with optimal use of space and ease of movement. Multi-Beam Processing - Multi-beam Imaging is a technique involving creating several scan lines of images in one TX. Multi-beam technique is possible through digital beam forming and is a function that cannot be realized with the existing analog beam-forming method.

More functional tools for Echocardiography and Vascular Imaging Samsung Medison knows just what you need! A system that is fundamentally assuring and just plain easy to use!Versatile operation at your fingertips with all the key cardiovascular features available, such as customizable 2D strain, Stress Echo, and Auto IMT.
The frequently-used AutoIMT function has been enhanced by and simplified without compromising accuracy. SonoAce X8 raise your clinical Environment up to more than it can be.


Synthetic Aperture
Synthetic aperture control is a method for overcoming the limits of the physical channel in software methods. As shown in the diagram, to create one scan line, TX and RX work is performed twice.
Harmonic Imaging
The basic theory of harmonic imaging is that body tissue reflects ultrasound signals at twice the frequency of the scanning frequency, or the second harmonic with scanning frequency. Harmonic imaging is an advanced version of conventional harmonic imaging.
Full Spectrum Imaging
Spectrum imaging is designed for imaging by considering the entire frequency territory that the probe supports, no matter how the TX frequency is designated. The frequency range can be broadened for better penetration and resolution.
DynamicMR significantly reduces artifacts such as misleading speckles and noise for the 2D ultrasound image through an innovative second-stage filtering of Object Filtering and Pixel Filtering.
"XI VOCAL displays sequential parallel slices of 3D anatomy to faciliatate more precise volume analysis of irregularly shaped structures. It can particularly measure the volume of complicated types of object easily and accurately.
3D XI - Multi-Slice View
Multi-Slice View transforms 3D volume data obtained from a regular ultrasound scan into a series of sequential images captured in intervals of 0.5mm (minimum) to 5mm *maximum) segments.
3D XI - Oblique View
Oblique View is imaging technology which enables you to examine and view 3D volume data in various planes of view without limitations.

Quick Diagnoses and Quick Operation
  • Speckle Reduction Filter 
  • FSI (Full Spectrum Imaging)
  • Dynamic MR
  • SCI (Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • QuickScan
  • High-sensitivity powerful Doppler performance 
Ergonomic and innovative design
  • Articulated monitor arm
  • High Resolution 17 inch flat LCD monitor
  • Rotating control panel
  • Front and rear handles
  • 4-wheel swivel
A software-based system structure
  • Post-Measurement 
  • Post-Processing 
  • Pointer Function
  • Quadrant Image

15 kg