Samsung SonoAce R3 Portable Ultrasound

Samsung SonoAce R3 Portable Ultrasound
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The portable color ultrasound Sonoace R3 system everyone can image with.

Samsung SonoAce R3 is a full-featured portable digital color ultrasound system with virtually all the imaging capabilities of a cart-based system.  
The Samsung SonoAce R3 has a reputation for delivering quality imaging in various diagnostic applications.

Samsung SonoAce R3 Synthetic Aperture
- Synthetic aperture control is a method for overcoming the limit of the physical channel in software methods. As shown in Diagram, to create one scan line, TX and RX works are performed twice.
Samsung SonoAce R3 Harmonic Imaging
- The basic theory of the harmonic imaging is that body tissue reflects ultrasound signals at frequencies at twice the scanning frequency, or the second harmonic with scanning frequency. harmonic imaging is the advanced technology of conventional harmonic imaging.
Samsung SonoAce R3 Full Spectrum Imaging
- Spectrum imaging is designed for imaging by considering the entire frequency territory that the probe supports no matter how the TX frequency is designated. The frequency range can be broadened for better penetration and resolution.

Samsung SonoAce R3 Features:

Full spectrum imaging, synthetic aperture control, speckle reduction filter (SRF), QuickScan, compact size and high maneuverability for portable examinations, two probe ports, ergonomic handle in front panel, 4 swivel wheel cart, DICOM 3.0 compatible image filing and standby mode for rapid boot-up.

System Specifications:

Samsung SonoAce R3 height is at 375 mm, width at 402 mm and depth at 188 mm. It weights approx. 8.5 kg. With a monitor of 15-inch high resolution, Non-interlaced and an LCD color display.


General, abdominal, obstetrics, fetal heart, gynecology, renal, urology, breast, small parts, vascular, pediatric, musculoskeletal, cardiology, neonatal.

Transducer Types Available:

Curved array, linear array, phased array and endocavity.

Samsung SonoAce R3 Operating Modes:

2D Mode, M-Mode, color M-Mode, pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler (PW), color doppler (C-Mode), power doppler (PD-Mode), tissue harmonic imaging and pulse inversion harmonic imaging.

Transducers available:

  • Medison CN2-8 – 2-8MHz, Curved Array
  • Medison C2-4/20 – 2-4MHz, Curved Array
  • Medison CN4-9 – 4-9MHz, Curved Array
  • Medison EC4-9 – 4-9MHz, Curved Array
  • Medison LN5-12/40 – 5-12MHz, Linear Array
  • Medison L5-12/60 – 5-12MHz, Linear Array
  • Medison LV5-12/60 – 5-12MHz, Linear Array (for large animal)
  • Medison LV2-5/180 – 2-5MHz, Linear Array (for large animal)
90 cm
30 cm
60 cm
9 kg