Mindray DP-10 Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Mindray DP-10 Ultrasound Diagnostic System
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Ultra-portable B/W ultrasound with Mindray's platform, based on Intel’s powerful processor, that can provide an enriching ultrasound experience to the user 

  • Convex probe
  • Linear probe
  • 5-8.5 MHz Micro-convex probe
  • 5-8.5 Hz Micro-convex probe
  • 2-5.0 Hz Micro-convex probe
  • 5-10 MHz Linear probe
  • Without probe

Mindray DP-10  is a very easy to use and portable ultrasound system with weight about 5.5 kg. It features a built-in 12,1" LED screen and 2 USB ports, ability to store pictures and videos to an external hard disk or USB stick & pperating frequencies of ultrasound: 5.0-10.0Mhz.

Mindray DP-10 offers ergonomic design with extreme mobility with a 12.1’ LED monitor with 30 degree tilting function.

With a user friendly backlit control panel, high quality silicon keyboard and a light and compact design Mindray DP-10 is iideal for doctors who are looking for extreme portability.

Diagnostic confidence and wide clinical applications

  •  Full digital technology by Mindray
  •  IP (image process) for fast image optimization
  •  8-TGC assuring accurate image control
  •  A broad range of transducers for obstetrics, gynecology, abdomen, urology, small parts, orthopedics and pediatrics applications

Mindray DP-10 Improves efficiency by optimizing doctor's everyday workflow

  •  Fast boot-up within 20 seconds
  •  User-defined keys to define personalized operations
  •  One key images or cines saved to local disk or USB

Standard Configuration:

  •  12.1-inch LED monitor
  •  One transducer connector
  •  Control Panel
  •  Handle
  •  Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
  •  I/O Interfaces
  •  2 USB ports
  •  1 VGA OUT port
  •  1 Video OUT
  •  1 S-Video OUT
  •  Measurement & Calculation software packages

Optionally, Mindray DP-10 can be equiped with a wide range of accesories, such as second transducer connector, DICOM 3.0 image storage and printing capabilities, footswitch, portable trolley Mindray UMT-110, carrying case, needle-guided brackets, etc

6 kg