Tracheostomy tube Tracoe Twist 301

Tracheostomy tube Tracoe Twist 301
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Tracoe Twist 301  tracheostomy tube with low pressure cuff, in sterile package, available in various sizes by Tracoe.

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Twist 301 tracheostomy tube from Tracoe with cuff is ideal for use in intensive care units as well as in dormitory patients at home hospitalization. It has a neck that moves in two dimensions (horizontally and vertically) to avoid injuries and for greater comfort. It has two internal tubes with a 15 mm socket for connection to a ventilator circuit or humidification-heating filters.

The Tracoe Twist 301 tracheostomy tube is made of soft, medical grade polyurethane, thin-walled plastic. It is radiant and sterile. Includes a support ribbon of special material and a form for the patient file.

Size External diameter External throat diameter External diameter edge Lenght Slope
4 7.2mm 8.6mm 63mm 110
5 10.1mm 8.6mm 66mm 100
6 10.8mm 9.2mm 72mm 95
7 12mm 10.4mm 74mm 95
8 12.7mm 11.4mm 76mm 90
9 14.2mm 12.5mm 78mm 90
10 10mm 15.2mm 13.8mm 80mm 90
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