Torso models

Torso models fully capture all the vital organs of the human body. They are used by medical institutions to educate students and doctors. The high-quality torso models are carefully crafted to meticulous standards of realism to represent every detail of the vital organs, with vivid colors, to provide the most accurate representation of the human torso.

Torso models are an excellent study aid for students to gain a deeper understanding of the structure of the human body. They give the opportunity to access the vertebrae, spinal cord, spinal nerves, vertebral arteries, lungs, stomach, liver, intestinal system, kidneys, heart, etc.

Torso models have an important role in the training process and patients. Healthcare professionals can incorporate anatomical models into their discussions with patients and caregivers to help explain medical conditions and treatment options. The knowledge gained by the patient and caregivers through the torso models can help improve their health behaviors.

In, you can find a wide variety of torso models to integrate them into the training process of students and inform patients for a clearer understanding of the human body and anatomical structure.

Mini skeleton model A18
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Top of the range mini skeleton - shorty - mounted on a base, ideal for educational purposes! Made by 3B Scientific with removable limps and head.
Skeleton model A11
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3B Scientific® A11 human muscle skeleton model "Max", on 5 feet roller stand & 3 years warranty, combined of more than 200 pieces