Sigvaris Delilah 140D thigh high

Sigvaris Delilah 140D thigh high
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Preventive compression stockings Delilah 140D thigh high by Sigvaris, with 12-18mm Hg compression and silicone border. Available in various sizes and colors.

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Compression stockings by Sigvaris preventive series, with graduated compression 12-18mm Hg. Delilah 140D thigh high supports "heavy" and tired legs with slight pain and cramps.

Sigvaris Delilah 140D compression stockings supports blood circulation, so your legs not only feel better, but they will look better.

With Delilah you wear a top class modern support stocking. Comfortable and stylish design with silicone border, compression stockings Sigvaris Delilah 140D available with closed toe in black, white, beige, brown, blue, charcoal and caramel.
Measuring guide :

  • Size Νο1 (height 1,50 - 1,67, weight 40 - 51)
  • Size Νο2 (height 1,50 - 1,73, weight 52 - 60)
  • Size Νο3 (height 1,50 - 1,67, weight 61 - 69)
  • Size Νο4 (height 1,50 - 1,79, weight 70 - 78)
  • Size Νο5 (height >1,80, weight 79 - 90)
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