Thermoval Duo Scan digital thermome

Thermoval Duo Scan digital thermome
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Electronic thermometer by hartmann with visual and audible indicators for ear and forehead measurement.

The infrared thermometer has been validated by the University Hospital Aachen (Germany) and is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase.

It is robust and reliable due to high manufacturing quality and high accuracy of measurement due to modern sensor technology.

This is a very fast machine by measuring the infrared technology. Measurement in 1/3 second.

The Thermoval Duo Scan by Hartmann, Germany, with thermometry operation both the ear and the forehead. The electronic thermometer Thermoval Duo Scan works with infrared minimizing the time thermometry.

It has audible and visual signal for ease of use and features a special cover for temperature measurement from the front and waterproof tip for thermometry by ear.

Also, the electronic thermometer Hartmann Thermoval Duo Scan features precision and LED light metering sensor for light measurement and auto power off function to save power. The package includes high quality protection cover, cleaning cloth and batteries for 1,000 measurements.

Electronic infrared thermometer is clinically tested to quality and reliability and comes with factory warranty of 3 years. It is suitable for use by individuals and doctors or clinics, works with AAA batteries and accuracy is 0.1 C.

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