Cefar Femina

Cefar Femina
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Cefar Compex device for the modern woman before / during / after birth!

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It becomes more natural for the modern women of today to take an active part in influencing her own individual situation. Cefar Femina provides a method for pain relief during birth, without any side effects. It does not affect the mother or the expected child. Except for being the natural choice of pain relief during birth, the Cefar Femina provides solutions for every day problems during and after pregnancy such as, swollen feet, neck- and shoulder ache or loss of muscular elasticity. Cefar Femina is a two channel stimulator with five preset programs.

The new Cefar Femina is equipped with backlight which has been a request by many users. A larger display in combination with backlight makes it easier to see and read the display on the Cefar Femina, even if the surrounding light is insufficient. To increase the level of security for the user, Cefar Femina is equipped with an automatic self check. If there is something wrong in the PCB (printed circuit board) connections, the stimulator will not be possible to use. Un error sign will be shown in the display, and service is needed. The preset treatment time for program 2-5 is set to 30 minutes. You have the option to change the timing individually up to 60 minutes. If there is no preset timing (program 1), the stimulation will go on until you stop the stimulation manually. A key lock is automatically activated if no button is pressed for 10 seconds.

To prevent unintentional changes of the amplitude during stimulation. Whenever you desire you can push the P button during stimulation and pause the program. If a program is paused for more than five minutes the stimulator turns off automatically. Extensive information regarding when to use what program is now added to the users manual. Here you can get information about the different stimulation forms, example of indications and also find electrode placement pictures of all the suggested treatments.

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