Cefar Easy

Cefar Easy
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The Cefar Easy is a whole new concept developed for back and neck pain. The Cefar Easy is safe, effective, and unlike oral painkillers, completely side effect free

The TENS programs in the Cefar Easy effectively relieve both acute and chronic pain in the back and neck. The Cefar Easy can be used anywhere – at home, at work, etc. – thanks to the belt clip that attaches it firmly in a pocket or waistband.

The Cefar Easy prevents the transmission of pain in the lumbar region , eliminates pain and relieve muscle tension electrostimulation therapy . Easy to use with new cable system for easy and fast connection . The Cefar Easy electrotherapy device comes with carrying case , set of electrodes and connecting cables , use and care guide instructions . Optionally you can purchase a special lumbar area ensures convenient and ideal placement of the electrodes.

The number of channels is one and the number of programs are two different (TENS gate control, low frequency relaxing massage ) . The operating frequency is at 80 Hz, the intensity is at 60 mA and the pulse width is in 300 ms. The types of currents used by electrotherapy device is symmetrical biphasic pulse and TENS. Power is supplied with disposable batteries 2 x 1, 5 V AA, the dimensions of Cefar Easy device is 52 x 30 x 125 mm and weight of the pack to the battery is at 130 g.

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