Cefar Basic

Cefar Basic
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A stimulator aimed for the professional user as well as the patient at home.

The Cefar Basic TENS device has two channels, so you can ease pain in two places at once. The channels use the same stimulation program. The Cefar Basic has an automatic keypad lock, which prevents the amplitude from being changed accidentally. This means that you can use the Cefar Basic during activity, wherever you are, without having to worry about the amplitude changing.
The Cefar Basic TENS device has a timer. If you choose to activate it, the stimulator switches off after 30 minutes of stimulation. If you do not activate the timer, the stimulation continues until you switch it off manually. The Cefar Basic TENS device has a belt clip so you can attach the stimulator to a pocket or a necklace to hang around your neck.
The Cefar Basic TENS device runs on regular 1.5 V AA batteries, which you can buy in any store. You can also use rechargeable batteries. The Cefar Basic has three preset programs. If you have received TENS treatment from a physiotherapist, follow the advice you received from them about choice of program and placement of electrodes.
The Convetional TENS is a high-frequency stimulation is the first choice for both acute and chronic pain. It blocks the pain so that it feels much milder, or can’t be felt at all. Program 1 can be used for: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, rheumatic pain, menstrual cramps, phantom pain, hip pain, osteoarthritis of the knee and to help heal wounds.
The Burst TENS is a low-frequency TENS treatment can alleviate pain by stimulating muscles to release the body’s own morphine-like substances, endorphins. Place the electrodes on a muscle in the painful area so that a visible contraction occurs. Low-frequency stimulation is usually most effective for pains that radiate out into the arms and legs (projecting pain), deep muscle pain or when the effects of high-frequency TENS don’t last long enough.
Finnaly, the modulated pulse duration stimulation is a type of high-frequency stimulation. The length of each pulse varies continuously, giving an undulating sensation, which many people find very pleasant. Program 3 can be used for the same symptoms as program 1, or if you want to ease pain and massage the muscles, for example in the neck.
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