Beurer EM80 TENS device

Beurer EM80 TENS device
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Beurer EM80 device is an electronic muscle stimulation unit 3 in 1, offering TENS (nerves, pain), EMS (muscle), and massage (relaxation) operations.

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The Beurer EM80 electrotherapy device (TENS / EMS) is for passive gymnastics, relaxing massage, and pain relief. The Beurer EM80 electrotherapy device has 8 adhesive electrodes and 4 separately adjustable operating channels.

Also, the electrotherapy device Beurer EM80 has 30 TENS programs preinstalled, EMS and massage, and 20 free places for programming (frequency, pulse width, start time, end time ). With the Doctor's function, the electrostimulation device Beurer EM80 is ideal for coordinating with your personal therapy program. The treatment time is adjusted from 5-90 minutes while the display the remaining time. Moreover, the display device TENS / EMS is backlit and is highly legible.

Finally, the electrotherapy device Beurer EM80 has a safety switch to turn it off. The maximum output current is 180 mA in p -p (500 Ohm), the output frequency from 1 to 120 Hz, and pulse width of 40 to 250 microseconds per phase. The pulse is biphasic square. The package included batteries and a storage bag with detailed instructions for the electrostimulation device.

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