TENS device beurer EM27

Συσκευή TENS Beurer EM27
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The beurer EM27 TENS device can be used for pain on the ankle and with 4 pre-programmed applications. It is comfortable thanks to the body-fitting, ergonomic shape.

Beurer EM27 TENS device with 4 functions: TENS to relieve pain without side effects and medications, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) for use in combating pain in the ankle. With 2 wear-free contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material and 4 pre-programmed applications. Also, no contact gel or replacement electrodes required (water contact electrodes).

Beurer EM27 TENS device has an illuminated inverse LCD with timer function and ergonomic design with belt clip. It includes countdown timer and safety switch-off. The pulse shape is biphasic square pulses and pulse width from 60 to 220 ms, pulse frequency from 2 to 110 Hz, maximum output current is 200 mA p-p (at 100 Ohm).

The dimensions of the beurer EM27 TENS device are 8.6 x 8.3 x 3.6cm and the weight at 90 gr with the batteries. The device has a 3-year warranty. The package includes: AAA batteries (3 x 1.5V) and a practical storage case.

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