Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid Universal disinfection liquid 1lt

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid Universal disinfection liquid 1lt
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Rapid disinfection liquid Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® for non-invasive medical devices and surfaces, with low alcohol content.

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Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® Universal is compatible with a variety of surface materials, disinfecting in about 30 seconds. Dermatologically tested, high quality, without colors and fragrance, with a small percentage of alcohol and amazing disinfecting ability.

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® Universal disinfectant offers rapid disinfection of medical devices and all types of surfaces with increased risk of contamination, where short contact times or disinfectant friendly to the material of each surface are required, such as patient treatment units, examination sofas, worktops, desks and medical equipment.

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® Universal rapid disinfectant contains 17.4 g Propan-2-ol, 12.6 g Ethanol (94% w/w) per 100gr of solution.

Microbiological efficiency:

  • Bactericidal/Yeasticide: 2 minutes
  • Bactericidal: 15 sec
  • Yeast killer: 1 minute
  • Limited viricide: 15 sec
  • Adenoviruses: 15 minutes
  • Rotavirus: 15 sec
  • Polyoma SV 40: 15 sec
  • Norovirus: 30 sec


  • Compatible with various surface materials
  • Disinfection in 30 seconds
  • Effective and easy disinfection
  • Low alcohol content
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Ready to use
  • Flashpoint: 26°C
  • pH: 3 - 3.6
  • Colorless
  • Bottle of 1lt
1 kg
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