Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid AF Liquid disinfectant 10lt

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid AF Liquid disinfectant 10lt
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Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF quick-acting disinfectant with alcohols for small surfaces and appliances.

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Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF Liquid disinfectant is a fast-acting disinfectant for quick and effective disinfection of surfaces and appliances. Based in alcohols for very high performance, with the effect of a minute of contact, dealing with fungal bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds.

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF Liquid Instant Surface disinfectant is ready to use and does not need to be disassembled, dries quickly, and leaves no residue, making it suitable for disinfecting medical utensils or surfaces that need quick contact and disinfection such as surfaces next to disease, units treatment, examination furniture, surfaces of medical equipment, etc. The Schulke & Mikrozid® AF Liquid in the 100gr contains 25g ethanol (94%), 35g 1-propanol.

Microbiological effectiveness:

  • Bactericidal / Yeasticide (EN13727, EN16615): 1-minute contact
  • Fungicide: 2 minutes contact
  • Tuberculosis (EN14348): 1-minute of contact
  • Fungicide (EN13624, EN13697): 2 minutes contact
  • HIV, HBV, HCV: 30 seconds of contact
  • Rotavirus according to DVV: 30 seconds of contact
  • Polyoma SV40 according to DVV: 10 minutes contact
  • Norovirus (EN14476): 1 minute contact
  • Adenovirus (type 5) according to DVV: 5 minutes of contact

The maximum amount of application 50ml / m ^ 2. The package fits a canister for easier use.


  • Quick and effective disinfection
  • Based in alcohols
  • Ready to use without dissolving
  • Suitable for medical utensils
  • Do not use on alcohol sensitive surfaces
  • Compatible with Regulation (EC) No 648/2004
  • Density: 0.89gr / cm^3
  • Colorless
  • 10lt
10 kg
Data sheet
10 L
Surface / Medical devices Disinfection

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