Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid AF liquid surface disinfectant spray bottle 250ml

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid AF liquid surface disinfectant spray bottle 250ml
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Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid AF liquid is a fast-acting and alcohol-based surface disinfectant that dries quickly without streaking, for disinfection of medical instruments

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Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF Liquid disinfectant spray is fast-acting, alcohol-based, and suitable for cleaning and disinfecting ceramic, glass, and laminated surfaces in a doctor's office or hospital. It is ready for use without the need for dissolution and disinfects quickly making it suitable for use between examinations in different patients.

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF Liquid quick-acting disinfectant spray works in 30 seconds, does not contain aldehydes, dries quickly, and leaves no residue. It has a broad action against fungi, bacteria and viruses, making it suitable for disinfecting tonometers, surfaces next to patients and medical utensils with an increased risk of infection that requires short contact time.

Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF Liquid surface disinfectant spray contains 25gr ethanol (94%), 3! propanol-1 in 100gr. It is quick and easy to use and does not require dissolution with other liquids. Within 30 seconds of contact, most of the bacterias and viruses are eliminated.

The maximum amount of application 50ml/m2. Compatible with a sprayer that screws into each new bottle.

Characteristics of Schulke & Mayr Mikrozid® AF Liquid surface disinfectant spray:

  • Disinfectant of fast-acting alcohols
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No dissolution needed
  • Performance within 30'' contact
  • Action against bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Additional surfactants for better performance
  • Quick-drying without residues
  • Density: approximately 0.89gr/cm3
  • Colorless
  • Bottle of 250ml

Microbiological effectiveness:

  • Bactericidal/Yeasticide: 1-minute contact
  • Fungicide: 2 minutes contact
  • Tb: 1-minute contact
  • HIV, HBV, HCV: 30 seconds of contact
  • Rotavirus: 30 seconds of contact
  • Polyoma SV40: 10 minutes contact
  • Norovirus: 1 minute contact
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