Ella Self stretcher

Ella Self stretcher
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Roll-in stretcher, Spencer Ella Self, The epitome of flexibility, speed and endurance.

The construction technique originates from experience that has allowed us to substitute the rivets with highly resistant welding.

Every part of the frame is individually tested and the trolley’s compound release levers are extremely simple and reliable to such an extent that the Ella Self boasts durability even without any maintenance.

The design is extremely simple and consequently not weighed down by unnecessary details. Its originality and genius lies in it’s great resistance achieved avoiding any architectural fantasy.

With regards to the adjustment of the loading level height, the Ella Self provides an easy and immediate solution. Again on the right track to solve any problem of this kind. At the beginning of the 90s along with Ella Self, the concept of polychromes as an indispensable instrument in the ambulance stretcher, was established. Rescue operators are technicians and professionals, but also people who are aware of what is around them.

Available in a varnished blue and hand polished steel. The extremely contained cost, the safety in use reducing accidents also to the operator, the higher rapidity of use and the fact that there is no need for maintenance, make it an indispensable instrument for any medical company. The Ella Self stretcher is supplied with two straps model STX 592.
  • Length: 1970 mm [77.55 in]
  • Width: 570 mm [22.44 in]
  • Weight: 34 kg [75 lbs]
  • Load capacity: 160 kg [352 lbs]
  • Wheels: front fixed, rear autodirectional
  • Brakes: posterior
  • Loading height: 720 mm [28.34 in]
  • Reclining sidebars
  • Length: 670 mm [26.37 in]
  • Height: 155 mm [6.10 in]

Self effect
The advanced distribution of the weight when loading or unloading enhances the Self effect, reducing the manoeuvre to a pushing movement.

An exceptional geometry gives stability to the stretcher during transportation. The weight of the patient is however distributed on the stretcher itself.

Ambulance platform
The actual structure of Ella Self has allowed the simplification of interventions, because it adapts to the ambulance platform. With a simple intervention on the geometric scheme of the anterior axis, the loading height, can be modified.

570 cm
197 cm
34 kg
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