Rugby stretcher

Rugby stretcher
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Self loading stretcher with adjustable heights by Spencer, for extreme situations and adverse conditions.

A new spirit, a snappy character. A compact structure, verticalized geometry, versatile and easy to use. The structure derives from an original extruded light alloy, with a form dominated by side wings and trapezoids welded with the innovative MIG technique.

The geometry that has been created offers exceptional stability to the entire framework that is joined with lightness and the capacity to soften vibrations generated by various road surfaces.

Slender but compact and excellent in the way in which it distributes weight, Rugby is simply perfect, we should say incredible, within the range of height variable products. The posterior telescopic handle is absolutely avant-guard, new and infallible.

The result is an extraordinary harmony between the operator and the stretcher, the optimization of the loading and unloading operations, a healthy reduction in the amount of effort required, an incredible manoeuvrability and absolute precision steering in any situation.

The elevation of the flexibility and stability has further improved the fundamental features of this self-loading stretcher: exceptional handling, total efficiency, and infinite back-up to rescue operations and transport, in even the most extreme of situations.

Rugby is, for Spencer and the entire world of emergency work, a new point of reference in design. Its aggressive lines have been studied to give improved manoeuvrability and durability. Rugby has also overcome another difficult target: it unites absolute beauty with the maximum of efficiency.

A philosophy that is also reflected by the new and essential chromatizations: just a few strokes can outline a special personality. The Rugby stretcher is supplied with two straps model STX 702.

  • Length: 1960 mm [77.16 in]
  • Width: 570 mm [22.44 in]
  • Weight: 51 kg [112 lbs]
  • Load capacity: 180 kg [396 lbs]
  • Wheels: 200 mm [7.87 in]
  • Brakes: posterior
  • Reclining sidebars
  • Length: 630 mm [24.80 in]
  • Height: 210 mm [8.26 in]
Variable height
Allows for the improvement of lifting operations, alignment with bed and therefore an easier transfer of the patient. Variable degrees of inclinationAmple choice for the angle of inclination to make the seating assistance of the patient easier.

Telescopic transportation devices
To ease the loading and unloading operations and the general performance of the stretcher, the posterior handles and relative levers, are telescopic.

Twist system
The anterior wheels if need be, become revolving with the selection of the Twist system, thus optimizing the manageability.

Adaptation for differing loading heights
The anterior trolley of the Rugby adapts to various loading heights. Thanks to the availability of three versions for every model.

Centralized and intuitive levers
By the pushing of one button only, the stretcher can be released from the trolley, even when it is locked in position on the ambulance, the insertion is easier and the locking is automatic when the stretcher reaches the final position.

Rugby Incubator
Support for incubator
The Rugby system has been implemented to resolve the problem of transferral of neonate patients in incubators. Thanks to a rigid surface in ribbed and nerved aluminium, that has been joined to the framework of the Rugby stretcher, it is possible to install every type of incubator and its relative equipment.
570 cm
196 cm
51 kg
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