Cubestress wireless stress test system

Cubestress HD+ wireless stress test system
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Cubestress wireless stress test system by Cardioline is an comprehensive package to manage the stress during ECG.

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Cubestress wireless stress testing system combines the high performance of the software cubestress and of the acquisition unit clickecgbt.

The efficiency and performance of the analysis algorithms, together with the calculation power of the latest generation PCs, guarantee the accuracy of the analysis and allow the program to perform real time beat-beat analysis.

The Cardioline Cubestress wireless stress testing system integrates all the typical procedures of the stress examination into a single system: from the management of the preparation of the patient to the real-time display of 12 leads on the monitor; from the printing of the track in real time to the control of the ergometer to the automatic archiving and printing of the final document.

Cubestress takes advantages of the graphic capabilities of Windows. The system has 5 different windows which allow all the program’s features to be controlled at the same time. It displays the ECG signal and its average, an overview of the twelve leads and several graphs relating to the progresses during the test.

The Cardioline Cubestress wireless stress testing automatically runs and update in real time the calculations of the heart rate, the theoretical maximum heart rate, METs, the double product, the amplitudes J, J and J +60 +80 for the twelve leads, peak amplitudes R peak, S peak for the twelve leads, the QT, QTc , QTa, QT2a durations for the twelve leads and analysis of arrhythmias.

The Cubestress stress test system contains 12-channel wireless Cardioline clickecgbt datalogger, dedicated desktop computers, complete with keyboard and mouse, a 22" TFT color monitor, aluminum trolley with lockable castors, support for the monitor, dedicated compartments for the system hardware and drawer for items, a laser B/W A4 printer and the treadmill by Cardioline.

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