Cubestress Lite wireless stress test

Cubestress Lite wireless stress test
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Cubestress Lite wireless stress test system made by Cardioline combines the high performance of the software cubestress and of the acquisition unit clickecgb

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Cubestress lite stress test system is the complete system for carrying out an ECG under stress. It is supplied with all the necessary hardware and software to perform an exam, and is compatible with all the Cardioline ergometers and several other brands. Cubestress lite integrates the typical procedures of a stress test: from patient preparation and management to real time display of the 12 monitor leads, real time printing of the trace, ergometric testing and automatic storage and printing of the final document. Cubestress lite system is the apparatus for cardiologists and sports medicine specialists.

The cubestress lite stress test system pack consists of: Hardware - Cardioline clickecgbt 12 channel wireless ECG acquisition system - All-in-one type computer supplied with 21.5” TFT screen and support for fitting on a trolley - Wireless keyboard with integrated trackpad - B/W A4 format wireless laser printer - Aluminium trolley with lockable wheels and lateral accessory compartments

Software Cardioline cubestress lite Principal characteristics of cubestress lite software are the following: User interface The user interface consists of two displays through which to monitor all the program’s functions contemporarily: The real-time ECG window shows the ECG signal and relative average complexes in real time; the measurement of J+60ms J+80ms range and the pitch of the ST trace are calculated and displayed for each average complex. It is possible to view the 12 leads, by varying the range and speed, or choose to view only some of the leads, from a minimum of one to a maximum of twelve; The real-time trend window shows the traces of the trend during the test of certain important parameters such as, for example, cardiac frequency, arterial pressure, load applied to the ergometer, double product. The trends of the ST test are displayed for the twelve leads through an innovative display, characteristic of cubestress lite. They combine range and pitch of the various single leads with a particular colour coding, giving an overall, immediate and effective view of the ST segment trend, channel by channel.

The ECG trace is always displayed in real time to guarantee safe monitoring of the patient. All the windows provide direct access to the print functions in automatic mode (10 second pages). The cardiac frequency, the theoretical maximum frequency rate, the pressure measurements, the double product, the METs, step and phase times and the active protocol data are always displayed on the forefront for the operator to view. ECG signal analysis The efficiency and performance of the analysis algorithms combined with the calculation power of the PC of last generation, guarantee the accuracy of the test and enable the execution of real time heart beat monitoring. Cubestresslite automatically performs and updates the following calculations and analyses: - Cardiac frequency; - Theoretical maximum frequency rate; - METs; - Double product; - Range of J, J+60 and J+80 for the twelve leads Management of ergometers Cubestress lite automatically manages a vast number of cycloergometers and medical treadmills, checking the load measurements according to the stress test protocol set and allowing also for manual variations during the test. Management of stress test protocols Cubestress lite is provided with an application dedicated to the creation of customized stress test protocols.

Through the guided procedures the operator can create protocols for cycloergometers, treadmill or generic, making these automatically available in cubestres slite. When installed, the product already contains the most common stress test protocols for cycloergometers and for treadmills.

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