Stethoscope parts

Stethoscope parts are just as important as the right choice of stethoscope as they ensure the longevity of the stethoscope. From stethoscope ear tips to diaphragms, stethoscope parts play a key role in ensuring accurate and reliable sound transmission.

Stethoscope parts include a stethoscope membrane, a stethoscope non-chill ring, and a stethoscope ID card. The stethoscope membrane is designed to allow the hearing of both high and low-frequency sounds. Similarly, the stethoscope non-chill ring is designed to hold the membrane and not freeze the patient, making the examination painless and pleasant. Finally, the stethoscope ID card allows the name and surname to be written on the stethoscope, making it unique. It is worth noting that once the ID card is stamped on the stethoscope, it is almost impossible to remove it. 

For maximum durability of the stethoscope and its parts, regular and thorough cleaning is essential. For cleaning, use a soft cloth and a mild disinfectant solution specially formulated for medical equipment. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that can damage them. Check the tube regularly for cracks or leaks and store your stethoscope in a dry and clean place. 

In our online shop, you can buy stethoscope parts suitable for each type of stethoscope. It is important to choose consumables specifically designed for your stethoscope to ensure the best performance and sound quality. The regular replacement and good stethoscope maintenance are essential to ensure accurate and reliable diagnoses.