Autoclave Vacuklav 31B+

Autoclave Vacuklav 31B+
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Autoclave Vacuklav 31B+ 17 litre capacity and Innovative water system

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The Melag Vacuklav 31B+ is not only distinguished by the patented air cooling of the vacuum pump, but also by their reliability and ease of use. It features an easy to read display allows you to sterilize your instruments in 20 minutes, instruments of up to 5 kg in weight may be sterilized on 5 trays in the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 17 litres).

These flexible products are not only distinguished by the patented air cooling of the vacuum pump, but also by their reliability and ease of use. The integrated monitoring of the water and the electronic control of 31 B + Vacuklav prevent operator error and ensure the high quality of sterilization and the maximum protection of your instruments

Two special, ergonomic water containers (for feed and waste water) are already integrated in the autoclave as well as the important monitoring of the water quality. Standard autoclaves operate exclusively on the basis of water-circulation systems that continuously  re-use  the  water.  After  being  used once, this water becomes dirty. The advanced Vacuklav 31-B operates on a  single-use  (non-reusable)  water  principle.  This is considerably more gentle on the instruments, and on the autoclave. This reduces to  a minimum the effort required for cleaning the  autoclave – which saves you time and money. 

Fractionated pre-vacuum means that the system removes air from the sterilization chamber in  a  pulsed  process  of  repeated  evacuation, alternative  with  period  inflow  of  steam.  This process satisfies the strictest standards for the quality of the sterilization steam. This technique has accordingly represented the standard for hospital sterilizers for years now.

 The Vacuklav 31B+ is manufactured in Germany and must pass a helix test in accordance with EN 867-5:2001

The connection of the MELAprint 42 allows the traditional documentation of all cycle data on paper.

The MELAflashCF-Card-Printer is a modern,paperless alternative to the printer.All cycle data will be written automatically on the MELAflashCF-Card and can be read into any PC via the MELAflash CF-Card-Reader

The MELAnetBox connects the autoclaves of the Pro Class to the practice network. The cycle data can be transfered automatically to the practice server and be stored permanently

External Dimensions: 57 x 42.5 x 48.5 cm
Internal Dimensions: 25 x 35 cm depth
Capacity: 17 litres
Tray size: 29 x 19 x 2 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Power supply:
230 V / 50 Hz / 2,500 watts
Max load: Instruments: 5 kg / textiles: 1.8 kg

44 kg
Data sheet
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