Tuttnauer Benchtop liquid sterilization Τ-2840EL

Tuttnauer Benchtop liquid sterilization Τ-2840EL
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The bench top liquid sterilization autoclave, T-2840EL is made by Tuttnauer, is front loading with 28ltr capacity.

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Bench top liquid sterilization autoclave T-2840EL with 28 liters capacity and external dimensions 530x440x630mm.
The autoclave is built with high standards and long experience of the company TUTTNAUER. It offers maximum safety, reliability, durability, ease of handling and maintenance.

  • The Bench top liquid sterilization autoclave T-2840EL features a high quality stainless stee cylindrical chamber (AISI 316 L).
  • Chamber dimentions are 280x400.
  • Electropolished chamber that offers high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • The door has a double locking system which not only prevents opening while the chamber is pressurized but also makes it impossible to start the sterilization cycle while the door is open in accordance with the prescribed procedure.
  • Adjustable temperature with a range of 110 º C to  137 º C. 
  • Outer steel frame with paint oven for great longevity and safety.
The operation of the sterilizer is controlled from a microprocessor and features an integrated timer controller with duration from 1 to 99 minutes which is used for fully automatic operation.

With the timing of the sterilization cycle to initiate when the material in the container reaches the selected sterilization temperature.
Furthermore the sterilizer T-2840EL has functionality between 10 programs:

  • Fast program for solid materials, glassware, rubber materials featuring quick relief.
  • Sterilization of solid waste in bags destruction.
  • Sterilization of liquids, with slow expansion.
  • Cleaning program with fast steam dump.

The parameters of the programs are stored in the memory of the microprocessor. The user of the autoclave has the ability to intervene in the parameters of each program, and select the desired values ​​of temperature, duration  and drying phase thus forming 20 programs of sterilization according to its own requirements.

The sterilizer T-2840EL features a digital display showing all operating parameters:

  • The sterilization program with its configurations.
  • Actual operating parameters of the sterilization cycle.
  • Reference number of the sterilization cycle
  • Error messages and malfunctions.

The steam generation is accomplished with resistance, positioned in the inner part of the chamber and using deionized water. The sterilizer has the ability to connect to a network of water while retaining the flexibility of manual insertion of water from the upper part of chamber.

It has a security system which prevents the sterilizer  from overheating in case of insufficient water in the chamber.

The autoclave has a RS232C serial port  and master ON/OFF switch.

The autoclaving made by TUTTNAUER constructed in accordance with international standards and are CE marked in accordance with EU directives.

They also have quality certificates ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485: 2003 and 21CFR820

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