Automatic sterilizer Sturdy SA-260MB Class B

Sturdy Class B medical autoclave SA-260MB 24lt
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Sturdy Class B medical autoclave SA-260MB for sterilization of medical instruments, objects (eg gauze, masks) and liquids in hospitals etc.

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Automatic sterilizer Sturdy SA-260MB Class B 24lt with versatility and flexibility to meet almost any situation that arises. This model uses an LCD panel along with 3 navigation buttons (up/down/return), which allow you to configure almost everything using the screen - this minimizes the buttons on the panel and allows the series more flexibility and functionality.

Automatic sterilizer Sturdy SA-260MB Class B 24lt is ideal for sterilizing medical instruments, objects (eg gauzes, masks) and liquids in hospitals, and clinics. It has 24 different sterilization programs and a digital LCD display that shows temperature, sterilization time, drying time, and error codes. With the special buttons located on the panel of the Automatic sterilizer Sturdy SA-260MB Class B 24lt, you choose the sterilization temperature between 120οC-134oC and the type of tools (wrapped/unwrapped), and the sterilization time is automatically calculated.

  • The selection of the drying time is done with the special switch
  • Open door safety indicator light
  • Indication of completion of a sterilization cycle with independent control of each individual stage
  • Alarm and low water indicator light
  • Double water shortage protection (tank and chamber control)
  • Before the start and during the sterilization cycle the oven automatically checks (self-test) and notifies you if there is a problem in its operation
  • It has an Emergency switch which will cut off the power supply and will relieve the pressure in the chamber automatically
  • Automatic switch-off of the oven in case of overheating or low water level
  • Safety valve and steam release valve
  • Built-in water tank and level indicator
  • Internally it is made entirely of stainless steel
Product characteristics:
  • Capacity: 24lt
  • Temperature range: 121-134oC
  • Temperature stability: 2oC
  • Automatic drying: Yes
  • Data recorder (SD card) and printer
  • Control system: Microprocessor
  • Electronic thermostat: Yes
  • Digital thermometer: Yes
  • Vacuum pump: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Operating voltage: 230V
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Dimensions: 53 x 44 x 66cm
  • Chamber dimensions: 26Φ x 45cm
  • Weight: 54kg
53 cm
44 cm
66 cm
54 kg
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