Automatic Sterilizer Sturdy SA-232X

Sturdy SA 232
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Automatic table sterilizer SA-232X, by Sturdy, with temperature/pressure choice at 121 º C & 134 ° C.

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"Poleax" Series Autoclave Sterilizer with Microprocessor Pressure Control System
Designed with high performance, reliability and safety, and easy operation.
Suitable for wrapped / un-wrapped / liquid / utensils etc. Widely used in dental clinics, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.
Easy maintenance: Chamber is made by stainless steel #304, and the heater is made by stainless steel, easy to keep clean and maintain.
Several programs for your selection:
Sterilization pressure is adjustable from 118oC~134 oC.
Sterilization time: 4/15/30 minutes for selection.
Fully automatic and easy control: Automatic control from heating-up - sterilization to time-off.
The entire sterilization process is continuously monitored by a microprocessor control system, the sterilization time starts counting, when the chamber pressure (temperature) arrives the point you set-up.

  • Chamber Size: Stainless Steel 230mmø x410mm(D)
  • Chamber Capacity: APPOX. 16 Liter
  • Overall: 501(W) x 406(H) x 537(D)mm
  • Power consumption: 220V —240V / 1.4KW (MAX) /7A
  • Using Pressure and Temperature: 118°-134°C/ 0.9-
  • Design Temperature: 140°C
  • Safety device: Over Heat (Low water) cut-off switch safety valve and release valve emergency exhaust valve door safety holder pressure control switch

Standard Accessories:

  • Stainless Steel Sterilization Box./1pc. 
  • Stainless Steel Heater cover/ 1pc

Model No.: SA-232X
Overall Dimensions / Mm: 537 (Dep.) × 501 (W) × 406 (H)
Construction: Chamber & Door: Stainless Steel #304
Net Weight: 33 kgs
Chamber Size / Mm: Φ 230 (Dia.) × 410 (Dep.)
Chamber Capacity: 16 Liters
Capacity Of Water Tank: 4200 cc
Water Consumption Per Cycle: 250 cc
Power Supply: 230V 50/ 60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 230V / 7 Amp, Heater 1400W, 110V / 11 Amp, Heater 1200W

Standard Accessories: ST. ST. 304 Sterilization Box × 1, Heater Cover × 1
Size of Box: 336 (L) × 174 (W) × 118 (H) /mm
Certificate: MDD CE0434, CE 0575 PED
Fill Water System: Manually
Temperature Display: Pressure/Temperature Gauge
Pressure Display: Pressure/Temperature Gauge
Program (Function) Display: LED Display
Indicator Light: Power, Heat, Ster., Complete
Program For Selection: Wrapped / Unwrapped / Liquid, Sterilization time : can be selected: 4, 15, 30 min

Sterilization Temp. Selection: 118°C ~ 134°C (0.9 ~ 2.1 Kg/cm2)
Dry Function: N/A
Safety Device:  
Pressure Safety Valve: Setup to 2.6 kg/cm²
Over Pressured Protection: Pressure Protection Switch × 1
Over Heat (Low Water) Protection: Yes
Electric Overload Protection: No Fuse Breaker × 2, 15 Amp for 110V, 10 Amp for 230V

Door Safety Holder: N/A
Pressure Door Auto-Lock: Optional
Emergency Exhaust Valve: Yes
Life Time: 7 Years

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