Respiprogram lung exerciser

Respiprogram lung exerciser
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Respiprogram lung exerciser, designed to maintain or improve respiratory function, with 1 base and 3 balls of different sizes and colors.

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Respiprogram 33442 Lung Exerciser, is designed to help the patient regain normal breathing after surgery. It is designed with 1 base and 3 balls of different colors and sizes, tube, and mouthpiece.

The Respiprogram 33442 lung exerciser improves cardiorespiratory fitness, and blood oxygenation improves respiratory parameters, enhances endurance and performance, and helps to achieve optimal lung capacity. 

Instructions for use:

  • Place the unit at mouth level
  • Exhale normally before inhaling
  • Inhale deeply using the appropriate nozzle until the 3 balls are lifted, if possible 
  • Hold the inhalation for as long as possible 
  • Exhale
  • Repeat the procedure

The package includes: a base, a transparent three-part body, 3 balls of different sizes and colors, a tube with a nozzle, replacement filter.

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