Spencer immobilization spine board Tango

Spencer immobilization spine board Tango
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Integrated paediatric and adult spine boards by Spencer.

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In the world of emergency care, it is of great importance to optimize stocking space and to satisfy all requests for ergonomically advanced rescue equipment.

Optimizing space and performance is the line Spencer drew on when introducing the new Tango. A new design that brings together solidity, dynamics, space and performance and at the same time sets a new standard for highperformance spine boards.

Great performance and above all, great for its attention towards the patient, adult and child. An exclusive idea that allows two different profiles with one single product, reducing costs and stock volume. A paediatric and adult spine board always ready to collaborate together and each enhancing the other.
  • Dimensions: 445 x 55 x h1830 mm [17.51 x 2.16 x h72.04 in]
  • Weight: 8 kg [17 lbs]
  • Load capacity: 150 kg [330 lbs]
  • Functioning temperature: from -20 to +60 °C [from -4 to +140 °F]
Baby Go
Modular paediatric spine board

Caring for children is a completely different world of rescue and children should not be considered "small adults". This is why we have developed this technological support exclusive to children. In order to counter balance the pronounced occipital prominence of the child, padding must be placed under the chest from the border of the scapulae to the base of the spine. Baby Go is a professional support which optimises the positioning and maintains the spine in neutral position with the ideal alignment for air flow. This is the reason we have moulded the spinal board with four different profiles which guarantee the correct alignment of the child according to his body size.
  • Dimensions: 320 x 45 x h1195 mm [12.59 x 1.77 x h47.04]
  • Weight: 3 kg [6.6 lbs]
  • Load capacity: 30 kg [66 lbs]
  • Functioning temperature: from -20 to +60 °C [from -4 to +140 °F]
44 cm
5 cm
183 cm
8 kg
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