Immobilization spine board Blues

Immobilization spine board Blues
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Spine board with integrated head immobilizer, by Spencer

Here is the Spencer Blues. A spinal board that offers interesting and useful answers to tomorrow’s questions.

If you are expecting technical innovation and top level products you will not be disappointed and you will be surprised to see just how easy this technology is to use with Blues. The first impression is that of imposing athletic capacity.

The shape and volume are noteworthy but even so the profile of the spinal board has pleasant curves and evident functionality. The strong personality is immediately recognisable on the top of the board, the well marked side lines and the strong support.

A new spinal board manufactured in exclusive materials, with a captivating design, using the latest moulding techniques and which inimitably represents pure prestige. Its exclusivity is underlined by the inedited inbuilt stabilizing and comfort solutions.

In addition to the perfect adaptability for the spinal alignment, ease of manoeuvring and exceptional design, Blues maintains the solidity and the strength that are characteristic to all products of the Spencer spinal board range. Just like the musical blues, this spinal board is the expression of a simple and universal language, flexible and clear that makes it possible for all anyone to use and understand it.

The avant guarde form of the cushions permits inspection of the auricular area and avoids acoustical isolation of the patient. The head immobilizer, vital and essential aid for correct cranial cervical alignment, is within the thickness of the board.

Likewise the front and chin straps are included within the actual head immobilizer. A useful space saving idea, always ready for use.

  • Dimensions: 405 x 50 x h1880 mm [15.94 x 1.96 x h74.01 in]
  • Weight: 8 kg [17 lbs]
  • Load capacity: 190 kg [418 lbs]
  • Functioning temperature: from –20 to +60 °C [from -4 to +140 °F]
40 cm
5 cm
188 cm
8 kg
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