Sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA XXL LF

Sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA XXL LF
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GAMMA XXL LF sphygmomanometer by HEINE, the top-quality professional model for blood pressure measurements, with wall mounting base!

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The professional GAMMA XXL LF sphygmomanometer is latex free, non-mercurial and it's both safe and environmentally-friendly. It's construction is made of durable polycarbonate which means that will hold up in the busiest hospital and practice environments.

GAMMA XXL LF sphygmomanometer has oversize diameter (130mm) scale and high quality indicator, precisely-calibrated and durable. It can be pivoted for clear, easy reading from any angle.

The sphygmomanometer has a long spiral inflation tube (3m) for increased working distance. The precision air-release valve ensures the fine and precise air release. Pressure-proof manometer, ensures durability and reliability.

The professional sphygmomanometer GAMMA XXL LF by HEINE comes with wall mounting base. It is available in 10 years warranty.

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