Weinmann SOMNOlab 2 AASM sleep diagnostic system

Somnolab 2 AASM sleep diagnostic device
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Weinmann Lowenstein Medical® SOMNOlab 2 AASM PSG sleep diagnostic system that provides the user a great deal of flexibility with modular design & simple use

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Its modular concept opens the door to sleep medicine for the SOMNOlab 2 sleep diagnostic system.

The components (Weinmann Lowenstein Medical® SOMNOlab 2 AASM, trunk cable, Transferbox 2 and SOMNObutler 2) can be combined to expand the system from simple diagnostics to complete polysomnography (PSG) as required.

New technologies in signal amplification, effort sensors, energy management, data storage, communication and ventilation therapy monitoring provide the user with efficient diagnostics.

Weinmann SOMNOlab 2 AASM sleep diagnostic system functions:
Channel combination in accordance with international standards for PSG as per Rechtschaffen & Kales and (optionally) AASM recommendations
Online use in sleep labs and hospitals with wireless data transfer
Patient-friendly application guidance for outpatient use
Battery capacity display: no loss of data due to discharged batteries
Sampling rate and filter in keeping with guidelines

Weinmann  SOMNOlab 2 AASM sleep diagnostic system integrated recording functions:
The following parameters are integrated in the SOMNOlab 2 basic device: flow, snoring, cardiac rate, oxygen saturation, position and pressure.
Four free electrophysiological channels, e.g., for ECG, for leg EMB and any other configuration
Integrated effort sensor (piezo-crystal technology – high resolution)
High-quality ventilation therapy monitoring based on differential pressure measurement
Optional: measurement of respiratory effort with Respira- tory Induction Plethsmography (RIP) – as of 2010

Please download the brochure below for more information about SOMNOlab 2 AASM sleep diagnostic system.

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