Seni care body care cream with zinc oxide (200ml)

Seni Care body care cream with zinc oxide
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Seni care body care cream with zinc oxide prevents from inflammations, chafes and bedsore development, speeds up skin regeneration in cases of skin irritation.

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Seni care body care cream for care of the skin exposed to irritation. Thanks to its active ingredients the cream protects against inflammations, chafes and bedsores. Seni care body care cream leaves on the skin surface a white protective layer that protects the skin against irritant factors contained in urine and faeces. Thanks to the optimal content of zinc oxide of antibacterial and antiseptic action the cream protects the skin against irritation. Contains SINODOR® – natural urine odour absorbent.

Active ingredients:

  • Zinc oxide
  • Linseed biocomplex
  • Chamomile extract
  • Sinodor®

Way of application: Apply a layer of the cream to cleansed and dry skin endangered with chafes or bedsores. Pat in lightly. Do not rub in.
volume: 200 ml

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