Functional elbow joint A83

Functional elbow joint A83
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A83 deluxe functional human elbow joint in normal size,by Scientific 3B, suitable for better understanding of anatomy and fuction, of the human elbow joint

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This functional elbow joint model provides a graphic demonstration of the anatomy and mechanics of the joint, allowing better doctor-patient or teacher-student understanding of the anatomy of the elbow joint.

Use this life-size and fully flexible, bendable elbow joint to demonstrate abduction, anteversion, retroversion, internal/external rotation and much more.
Elbow joint consists of portion of humerus, complete ulna and radius as well as joint ligaments. Functional elbow joint on removable stand.
  • This high-quality functional elbow joint model of a naturally-sized right joint with ligaments shows the anatomy and possible physiological movements (e.g. abductions, anteversion, retroversion, internal and external rotation) in exceptional detail
  • The color of the natural-cast bones is extremely realistic
  • The cartilage on the joint surfaces is marked blue
  • Consists of a stump of the upper arm, ulna and radius
  • Mounted on a base

Measurements: 13 Inches / 33 cm
Weight: 0.63 Pounds / 0.285 kg

12 cm
39 cm
12 cm
0.50 kg
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