Skeleton models

Skeleton models are an essential tool for healthcare professionals, educators and students as they provide a comprehensive and detailed visual representation of the human body, bones, spine, etc, that compose the human anatomy.

Skeleton models are replicas of the human skeleton either in adult size or in miniatures to have their place both in academic classrooms, for educational use, and also in medical offices, so that diseases and therapies can be better explained to patients.

Skeleton models in the field of health can help to understand various diseases and injuries and to prepare for medical examinations. Also, medical professionals can use skeleton models to help develop new medical tools and technologies.

Furthermore, human skeleton models can be used to design health-related products such as imaging machines, protective equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. With the help of anatomical preforms, designers can create products that are more effective and safer for their users.

In medi-shop, you can find a wide variety of skeleton models, such as spine models, human skeleton models of life-size or miniature, vertebral column models, bone models, etc.

Erler Zimmer 4006 spinal column
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The Erler Zimmer 4006 spinal column model is ideal for the natural casting of the human vertebral column, with a removable pelvis, and ideal for educational use.
Functional elbow joint A83
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A83 deluxe functional human elbow joint in normal size,by Scientific 3B, suitable for better understanding of anatomy and fuction, of the human elbow joint