Gymna ShockMaster 500

Gymna ShockMaster 500
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Radial Shockwave Therapy Device Shockmaster 500 by Gymna Uniphy & Storz Medical with noiseless and vibration-free oil compressor & intuitive user interface.

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Many years of experience in the world of rehabilitation and physiotherapy have resulted in the successful development of this customized device that is unique in its functionality and usability.
The Gymna ShockMaster 500 has been developed in close collaboration with the (para) medical world. This unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and an intelligent user interface is an absolute must for every practice, featuring:
User friendly Interface:
Gymna ShockMaster 500 is offering two output channels for simple and rapid switch between hand piece. It includes a nNoiseless and vibration-free oil compressor, easily accesible & a soft-close drawer with shock absorbers
Gymna ShockMaster 500 has snique storage for the applicators in the drawer & rapid software update via USB port
Always up to date software:

Shockwave therapy is evolving constantly. Thanks to treatment software updates, you stay abreast of new developments:
Unique! Total therapy plan: Every indication is divided in different steps: tendon, treatment, trigger point treatment, muscle treatment with D-Actor, muscle treatment with Gymna ShockMaster 500 V-Actor
Treatment parameters are adapted in function of the latest information & new indications are added, as well as relevant treatment protocols 
Intuitive user interface:

Gymna ShockMaster 500  features unique soft start function (starts at 1.0bar and goes slowly up till desired intensity is reached) for higher comfort for patient and therapist, Unique anatomical library: function, origin, insertion, innervation and blood supply for all main muscles & Unique Marked treatment area and referred pain with trigger point

Gymna Club:
With the purchase of the Gymna ShockMaster 500  you get a free subscription on the Gymna club, which provides extra information about shockwave therapy with the Gymna ShockMaster: literature, technical,support, software updates for free & extra marketing material for the physio.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (H x D x W cm) 102 x 58 x 57
Weight (kg)  65kg
Integrated trolley with 4 extra-large swiveling wheels for superior mobility, made in aluminum & side protection for the device  
Compressor In trolley (oil), noiseless, vibration free -  8 bar
Connections 2
Touch screen 7inch - Full color - 180° view

User interface:

Plug and play     
Free mode -Choose your own settings
List of indications - 33 indications  
Total therapy plan - Every indication divided in different steps  
Pre-programmed settings > 90 programs
Body part -Choose indications via a body area  
Marked treatment area - Treatment area marked on the pictures during treatment
Trigger point referred pain indication
Quick start - Standard indications / Myofascial indications / Sports indications / Owner indications  
Patient database - Save up to 2500 patients /  Visual analogue pain scale / Follow up pain evolution
Backup system    On usb stick
Medical e-book Anatomical library (muscles, nerves and blood vessels) / Information about shockwave indications / Information about applicators /Contra-indications  
Pre-set counter - Supported via illuminated bar  
Soft start  - Slowly building up intensity automatically
Software update -  Via USB port

Max. frequency   21 Hz
Max. frequency with V-Actor 35 Hz
Max. pressure   5 bar

Hand piece and applicators:
On/off function - Electronic, no air cooling
Weight (kg)  - 0,45 kg
Ergonomics  - Soft rubber protection / V-Actor vibration therapy / Revision kit (standard)  4 revisions /  Do it yourself revision
Applicators (standard) - 15 mm applicator / D-Actor 20 mm applicator / Deep Impact applicator   
Applicators (optional) - 6mm applicator / D-Actor 35 mm applicator / Focus lens applicator

70 kg

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