Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor II applicator

Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor II applicator
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Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor ΙΙ applicator for an optimum regulation of physiological muscle vibrations

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Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor ΙΙ technology: the ideal complement to radial shockwave treatment

The vibration therapy handset for Gymna Shockmaster V- Actor ΙΙ operates at frequencies of up to 35 Hz. This guarantees optimum regulation of physiological muscle vibrations. Microcirculation improves and metabolic waste products and toxins are eliminated.

  • Relaxation of muscles and connective tissue
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulation of metabolic activity
  • Improved neuromuscular coordination
  • The feeling of wellbeing, thanks to elevated hormone secretion
  • Stress reduction due to reduced cortisol level
  • Revitalization  

Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor II applicator technology features:

  • High-frequency vibration therapy 1-35 Hz
  • Oscillating movement
  • Weight: 600g
  • Suitable for Gymna Shockmaster 300 & 500
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