Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor applicator

Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor 40mm applicator
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Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor applicator for optimum regulation of physiological muscle vibrations, available in 25mm & 40mm

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Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor technology: the ideal complement to radial shockwave treatment

The vibration therapy handset for Gymna Shockmaster operates at frequencies of up to 35 Hz. This guarantees optimum regulation of physiological muscle vibrations. Microcirculation improves and metabolic waste products and toxins are eliminated.

  • Relaxation of muscles and connective tissue
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulation of metabolic activity
  • Improved neuromuscular coordination
  • Feeling of wellbeing, thanks to elevated hormone secretion
  • Stress reduction due to reduced cortisol level
  • Revitalisation  

Gymna Shockmaster V-Actor technology Features:
High frequency vibration therapy 1-35 Hz
Oscillating movement
Exchangeable transmitter
Transmitter size : 25mm + 40mm
Weight : 600g

Suitable for Gymna Shockmaster 300 & 500

Gymna 25mm - 338668, 40mm - 338679

1 kg
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Manufacturer reference
338668, 338679