OMRON C803 nebulizer

OMRON C803 nebulizer
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OMRON C803 nebulizer for easy use with just one button nebulizes all medicines and is extremely quiet.

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OMRON C803 nebulizer is a very small, compact, and light machine, which nebulizes all medicines. The nebulization of any drug is very fast and extremely easy with the push of a button.

OMRON C803 nebulizer has a low noise level (45dB) and is very easy to be cleaned by the user. In this way, the nebulizer additionally enhances the stress-free relief of asthma, COPD, and bronchitis, and also other conditions that cause respiratory problems. It is also suitable for nasal use.

The package includes an adult mask and a children's mask, mouthpiece, and nose slot. It works with electricity.

Details for the nebulizer OMRON C803:

  • Nebulization rate: 300mg or 0.30 ml / min
  • Aerosol output: 0.37ml
  • Aerosol output rate: 0.05ml / min
  • Small particle size: 3μm MMAD
  • Medication Capacity: 10 ml
  • Weight: 180 gr
  • Dimensions in mm: 85x43x115
  • With instructions in greek language for use
  • Suitable for use by both children and adults
  • 3-year warranty
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Data sheet
Nebulization Time
0,3 ml/min