myAirvo2 nasal interface cannula Optiflow+

myAirvo2 nasal interface cannula Optiflow+
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Nasal interface cannula Optiflow™+ for the High Flow respiratory support system myAirvo™2, which provides up to 50lpm oxygen directly to the nostrils, with an adjustable head strap for greater comfort.

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myAirvo2 nasal interface cannula Optiflow™+ for myAirvo™2 high flow respiratory support system. A unique wide bore Optiflow nasal cannula delivers up to 50 lpm directly into the patient's nares. Soft and flexible nasal prongs promote patient comfort and compliance while the lightweight and flexible interface tube allows freedom of movement.

The unique wide-bode nasal cannula Optiflow™+ from Fisher & Paykel for myAirvo™2 has been designed to deliver a broad variety of gas. This gas flows directly into the nares without gas jetting. Made of soft flexible, thermoplastic elastomer, the cannula prongs and base sit comfortably under the nose. Furthermore, it gives comfort and confidence to patients and clinicians. 


  • Sizes: Medium, Large
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Adult-use
  • Made of soft and flexible thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Wide bore tubing
  • Package includes 1 piece
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