ClipAir nasal dilator OS-000SCLIP Medium (1 pcs)

ClipAir nasal dilator
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Comfortable and slightly visible, ClipAir nasal dilator improves your breathing and prevents snoring and drying out of your throat, in medium size.

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Essential for sports and breathing during sleep. Comfortable and slightly visible, ClipAir nasal dilator improves your breathing, prevents from snoring and drying out of your throat. The importance of breathing through your nose. Breathing through your nose is important to humidify, warm and filter the air we breathe.

How does ClipAir nasal dilator work?

  • Clipair is a nasal dilator which opens up the nostrils and improves breathing.
  • It fits easily into the nose and stays hold perfectly in place even during sports
  • It is made of a biomedical elastic material for optimal, comfortable and discrete support. 

ClipAir nasal dilator can be used in the following cases:


  • Improved breathing performance.
  • Better oxygenation of muscles
  • Decrease in breathing effort.
  • Prevents the thightening of nostrils in case of deep inhalations.


  • Snoring.
  • Nasal breathing difficulties.
  • Narrow nose or nasal valves.
  • Prevent drying out of the throat.

Available in Medium size.

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