Waterpik TB-100E toothbrush heads (2 pcs)

Waterpik TB-100E toothbrush heads (2 pcs)
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Standard replacement toothbrush round heads TB-100E by Waterpik®, compatible with WP-100/112/250/260/450/462/660/861/WF-02 toothbrushes. Available in pack of 2 pieces.

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Waterpik® TB-100E toothbrush heads with fixed head that allows water to vibrate for better cleaning and rinsing of the tooth surface. In fact, they are designed so that you can brush your teeth with floss and water at the same time and you can use them with or without toothpaste.

Waterpik® TB-100E toothbrush heads are suitable for Waterpik® Complete Care electric toothbrushes:

  • Waterpik® WP-100
  • Waterpik® WP-112
  • Waterpik® WP-250
  • Waterpik® WP-260
  • Waterpik® WP-450
  • Waterpik® WP-462
  • Waterpik® WP-660
  • Waterpik® WP-861
  • Waterpik® WF-02

Waterpik® TB-100E toothbrush heads are made by Waterpik® and are available in a package of 2 pieces.

Proposed change every 3 months.

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