Waterpik SRRB-3W toothbrush heads (3 pcs)

Waterpik SRRB-3W toothbrush heads
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Standard replacement toothbrush heads SRRB-3W by Waterpik®, compatible with WP-900 and SR-3000 toothbrushes. Available in pack of 3 pieces.

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Extra-soft Waterpik® SRSB-3W toothbrush heads, end-rounded bristles gently target hard-to-reach areas!

Waterpik® SRSB-3W toothbrush heads are suitable for electric toothbrushes Sensonic Professional Plus SR-3000 and Waterpic Complete Care WP-900. They provide excellent access for precision cleaning.

Toothbrush heads SRSB-3W manufactured by Waterpik, are available in pack of 3 pieces. Proposed change every 3 months.

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