Avron i air pressure redistributio

Avron i air  pressure redistributio
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High quality air mattress Avron air I for the prevention and treatment of ulcers. Provide continuous relief and comfort, during sleeping.

€89.35 (tax incl.) €89.35 (tax excl.)
block Ships in 1-3 days

Pressure redistribution mattress Avron air I features pressure regulator for perfect fit of the patients requirements and pump which hang from the bed or placed on the ground (cable 3m).

The high quality construction and quiet operation, provide comfort and relief to the patient. Pressure redistribution mattress Avron air I, fit on the mattress of the bed. Inflates completely in 10 minutes.
  • Air mattress dimensions: 198 x 89 x 6 cm
  • Permissible patient weight: 100 kg
2 kg