Sissel Hang Up Inversion Table

Sissel Hang Up Inversion Table
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The versatile inversion table by sissel, for body reversion and spine relief.

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SISSEL Hang Up  - The versatile inversion table!
  • Increasing stress on musculature, joints and the spinal column caused by physical activities, like sports, excessive work outs, bending, lifting, long sitting or standing lead to compression and rotation pressure and are often the reason for complaints.
  • The reversed strain during exercises with the inversion table automatically create relief.
  • tensions can dissolve, contributing to pain relief
  • can also be used for athletic work outs, such as stomach muscle exercises (sit ups)
  • positive influence on blood circulation
  • suitable for body heights of 1.40 m up to 1.98 m, maximum height 2.05 m to 2.09 m (with maximum body height adjustment)
  • max. body weight 110 kg
  • fast set up, space-saving storage
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