CanDo 7.6m fitness tube

CanDo 7.6m fitness tube
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CanDo fitness tube ideal for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening, delivered in a 7.6m roll package, available in 3 heavy-hard options.

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The CanDo exercise tube from the company CanDo is made of light, compact and high-strength latex natural rubber, suitable for muscle strengthening and limb restoration.

Exercise tubing CanDo can be used for upper and lower extremities where resistance therapy exercise is required. Each CanDo exercise tube is color-coded to show its resistance level using Theraband trademarked colors.It has handles made of elastic material for better traction during exercise.


  • Inner diameter: 0.6cm
  • Outer diameter: 1.2cm
  • Τhickness: 0.3cm

The CanDο fitness tube is available in 3 different options in a roll package of 7.6m length:

  • Black - X Heavy
  • Silver - XX Heavy
  • Gold - XXX Heavy
1 kg
Data sheet
Elastic bands

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