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BLACKROLL Block, a multipurpose tool for storing BLACKROLL mini/DuoBall/Ball as well as use as a functional training tool.

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The BLACKROLL Block is a multipurpose tool, wich has an open flipside in which you can practically store your BLACKROLL mini or BLACKROLL DuoBall & Ball.

  • use as self myofascial release tool: the BLACKROLL Block serves as a higher deck for pinpoint massage using a BLACKROLL DuoBall or BLACKROLL Ball (8 cm) or BLACKROLL mini (calves/achilles), targeting muscle groups that are otherwise hard to reach
  • functional training tool
  • use as a yoga block: for extension, support and easier balance in poses - suited for elevated seating/meditation as well

Possible combinations:

  • 1 BLACKROLL mini with 1 BLACKROLL Ball 8 cm
  • 3 separate BLACKROLL Balls 8 cm
  • 1 BLACKROLL DuoBall 8 cm and 1 BLACKROLL Ball 8 cm

BLACKROLL (Duo-)Ball / BLACKROLL mini must be bought separately. They are not included!
Size: 30 cm (l)  x 15 cm (w)  x  10 cm (h)
Made in Germany.

water resistent
easy to clean
easy sanitizable

1 kg

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