Weelko Clave massage table

Weelko Clave massage table
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Weelko Clave massage table, ideal for beauty salons. It is equipped with 3 motors that control height, backrest and central module movements.

Massage table Clave, manufactured by Weelko, is devided into 6 sections that allow the easy regulation of the table into several positions. It is equipped with 3 motors that control height, backrest angle and central movements.

Weelko Clave massage table has PU upholstery of high quality that eases cleaning on high density padding. It has a sturdy metallic frame that offers high stabillity and retractable wheels for easy movement.

It has a breather hole and the leg supports are independent. It also includes handcontroller, to control the entire bed.

Ideal for beauty salons, high performance Weelko Clave massage table, is suitable for physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments. It is available in 3 colours: white, black and green.

The maximum and minimum height of the Weelko Clave massage table is 61/88 cm.

86 kg
Data sheet
67 kg
207 cm
88 cm
68 cm
Manufacturer reference
6 part
Physiotherapy table type
Electric physiotherapy beds
Stable physiotherapy beds